4 “Feng shui basics” for decorating your home

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Before deciding to repair your house, demolish or find a new home, you should at least study the feng shui of the layout of the rooms. But if it is a matter of hygiene that is consistent with Feng Shui, it may make more sense, for example the bathroom should not be next to the kitchen. Feng Shui believes that The bathroom has an unbalanced water element with the fire element in the kitchen. But if thinking in the life corner Bathrooms are a source of unwanted things. The smell or the noise from the bathroom. Coming in close proximity to food is definitely not a pleasure. So let’s look at the feng shui principles for a bit. In case the life of the people in the house will be happy from having a home that is hygienic and better, there is no damage anywhere. 

1. Feng Shui toilets

For the feng shui of the bathroom. The toilet should not be located in the middle of the house. According to the belief that there will be divisions in the family, the fortune disappears and the money cannot be kept. And another is The bathroom is easily pollute. In the middle of the house, it will cause poor ventilation. Should arrange toilets in the east. Because it is consider a good positioning direction. Will make people in the house successful in their career Gives us good mental health. And should not be place in the south and southwest

2. Feng Shui the kitchen

For the kitchen, it is like the abundance and health of the family. Therefore, the positioning of the kitchen It should be in a corner that is clean or easy to clean. Should not be at the entrance to the house. Because it would be consider a stealing fortune. For the kitchen it should be located south or southwest. And most importantly, not next to the bathroom The reasons have already been told in the above.

3. Feng Shui a one-story house

For a one-story house Should be arranged in the open air Should not be near a two-story house or next to a tall building. Because they block the direction of the wind The house will be hot and humid. The science of Feng Shui is believed to make family members suffer from illnesses. For those who are planning to build a one-story house Should at least find a hilly area to build a house. Should face the house to the south is the best direction. Cause prosperity Progress 

4. Feng Shui Water Fountain

Who wants to get rich must have a fountain. According to the beliefs that have been accumulated I want to have a fountain, it can have. It’s not wrong But the area in place is very important. The fountain should not be placed in the bedroom, kitchen, next to the stairs, or on the right side of the door. Should be placed north, east or southeast. The size of the fountain is small and large, it doesn’t matter. But the pond is not too shallow Because he believed that he would not be able to save money There is a chance of getting stuck in money. And more importantly, the water in the pond must be changed to always be clean and clean 

Other areas In the house we may find articles on Feng Shui after buying a house, for example, found that the front door meets the back door. According to the belief that The host will not be able to collect the money. Money flowed and ready to flow. To dismantle the house, it is not what you can do with your mind. A simple solution is to bring a scene or a large cabinet to place a barrier between the front and back doors. Obscuring the direction of the money flowing out Has also decorated the house, plus has a good feng shui effect.