6 “Lucky charms that should have in the office”

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Not by magic, must be done with a trick Not by magic, it must be taken with a spell “that you are an employee You never know what will happen tomorrow. The most serious It may be that you were immediately laid off. Which you are capable of Efficient Productivity It’s not a guarantee that you won’t get fired either.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a few amulets to hold your luck in your career, as it would actually be harmless if you had them on your desk? Let’s take a look at what this symbol of good luck has to offer. At the very least, it might make you feel a little more confident about it being your job. 6 lucky charms that should have in the office

1. Nazar Boncuğu, lucky charms

Have you ever felt that your job was stuck, had some obstacles due to “bad manhood”, or did nothing with just a disability? With envious eyes sent to you every time your boss praises it, go find  Nazar Boncuğu  and decorate your desk! Nazar Boncuğu is a blue-eyed item. This is an ancient amulet from the Middle East that helps to extract the evil that is sent from the eyes, especially it can also hypnotize your commander. Because blue is the lucky color of Jews and Muslims.

2. Frog, lucky charms

Find a small disguised frog and place it somewhere on your desk. (A place that is less eye-catching) because the frog is a symbol of good luck. As Americans are familiar with the tales of the frog prince. There is a handsome prince transformed into a frog to bring luck to a fairy-tale lover kiss. As for those who are not familiar with this story Frog may be known as a talisman for safe travel, in Japanese culture The frog is also a symbol of finance!

3. Ladybug

It’s not uncommon to decorate your desk with ladybug models,  because you probably have a reason to use them. (While others just think it’s pretty good), so you don’t have to tell anyone why. According to the legend in medieval Europe The ladybug is associated with the prayer of the Virgin Mary. Ladybug is an insect that the Virgin Mary sent to get rid of pests such as aphids. Ladybugs can help alleviate the devastation of agricultural crops. And was used as a talisman to work withAdvertisement

4. Garlic

It might seem a little strange to have garlic in the office. (Or on the table) because we may be used to using garlic for cooking. Or to protect against mythical vampires like real vampires, garlic in the office is not for vampires. But used as a symbol to ward off evil instead And because garlic is used as an amulet to prevent vampire Garlic also protects you from your vampire-sucking, energy-sucking coworkers, too. This is another charm that should be in your office.

5. White heather

According to the Scots superstition It is said that it is very unlikely that a grass or flower will grow in the middle of a battle, so  white heather  is used as a symbol of good luck. In the struggle to grow, but in fact we bring beautiful plants to decorate in the office. It may not be anything more important to be beautiful. And to give your office the scent of flowers , perhaps that will entice your boss to come and talk more often with you.

6. horseshoe

Horseshoes  can be rare and unusual to be used as amulets. But it is said that the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck. Which if you have it in your possession Who knows if you got promoted this time It was a product of good luck hanging ancient horseshoes around your desk!

Here are six lucky charms that you can use as room decorations. To promote the work of the 6 This is a symbol of good luck. That will help you work smoothly, eliminate misery and progress in your career!