“Adjust the house, get property According to Feng Shui principles”

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” Home “ is the center of happiness for all members of the house. And if the house has a good feng shui arrangement, it will further enhance the wealthy, wealthy as well. Doctor Chang – Tosaporn Sri Tula, a famous fortune teller, suggests the idea of ​​adjusting the feng shui of the house to receive property in a way that everyone can follow. Interestingly, in the “SCG HOME & Living Fair” , the biggest fair of the year for home lovers. Which was held at SCG Expreience CDC Project along Ramindra Express.

“Feng Shui ” or in Mandarin Chinese is Feng Shui comes from two words: Feng Shui means wind and Sui means water. So the theory of good feng shui. It is said by the direction of the wind and the circulation of the water itself.

The winds 

The winds of fortune will be swept chi (Shi) to the house where the feng shui is. Organizing the chi in the house to allow the wind to circulate in the direction of the door and window degrees. If properly arrange feng shui According to the textbook, it is 10 times as rich as 1 year. On the other hand, if Chi is bad for 1 year, it may be 10 times as rich. 

The thing to be careful when arranging home feng shui is the corner of the three-junction or square of the front pillar. Do not have a sharp corner. Absolutely rushed into the house. And be careful opening the door to the house (not a gate fence because gates fences. Has very little effect on feng shui suggest that in good weather Should open the door of the house and leave the air circulating Or open a window to allow sunlight to get good chi. 

Any home with two doors should use the bigger main door often because according to Feng Shui principles, the big door is considered the entrance of the dragon. If the three-way junction or the electric pole is located at the main gate that enters the house, this is considered a bad thing. Because it allows less chi to enter. 

This can be fixed by setting up small trees that are popular. Or may hang a mobile with a jingle Will help reduce the bad power down As for the house number, according to Feng Shui principles The house number has very little effect on feng shui. The feng shui arrangement is a science that requires controlling the chi that surrounds us mainly. So what everyone has to do is To deal with the chi in our home first.

A house with a front door that meets the back door

This one is not good because when chi energy enters the house, it will go out completely. Therefore it is a house that cannot collect money Even earning a lot of money, that is, Chi might come in a lot. But it sped out very quickly. Comparable to earn money But the expenditure is a lot, the solution is to find a showcase, partitions, or furniture. Set in the middle between the front door and the back door When the power of chi enters, it will be trapped in a spin. Circling in the house The door to the house must be easy to open – close. Closed and the sound must not be loud. Will make a fortune and money flow in

The living room

Living room, if used frequently, good energy will enter the house. In other words, home is like an organ in the body, so if there is any room that is left unused for a long time, it is like we are not moving different parts. In the body, the Qi energy will not enter. What you want to have in the living room If you like auspicious Chinese style Recommended to set up a statue of Feng Xiu. Will help you find three successes: good family, good work, and good health, but if you like modern home décor Choose a crystal lamp. Or beautiful crystals set in the showcase Because it will help spread the chi Another thing that the living room should not have is Dining table

The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is the destiny of women in the house. If the kitchen collapses, the woman in the house will have health problems. If the roof of the kitchen leaks. It means the property is leaking. If the kitchen floor has a hollow women in this house can get sick. Another important thing is the location of the firebox The Chinese believe that the fireplace represents the woman who gave birth. Therefore do not set the stove in the opposite direction of the sink. Or should not set the stove next to the sink, and do not set the stove using the wall with the bathroom. Because it will make women in the house sick Plus fortune will not enter the house as well If there is a stove in the house, it should be used frequently to circulate the yang (heat) energy, which must also be balanced with the yin (cooling) energy of the water in the home that is moving.

The bedroom is important too

The bedroom has too much storage and looks cluttered. Is like accumulating negative energy Which will be harmful to health, so there should be as little as possible Another caution Don’t let the bathroom door open and see the bed. Because it will make sick As for the headboard, it is not always necessary to face east. If in the bedroom there is a mirror The mirror should not be facing or reflected on the bed. Because it will reflect all good energy and if the room is on the ground floor of the house Do not sleep with your feet facing the door to the house. Because it will be like carrying the hurt and the dead

The feng shui of a good home should have all 5 elements as follows.

  • The water element in the house should have a bluish tinge, representing the water element. Or set up a small fountain with movement It will help to enhance good feng shui.
  • Wood elements should find small ornamental plants with green leaves in the house, or if any house has a wooden floor, it can be considered useful.
  • Fire orange, red and pink represents the fire element. You could also use cushions, lamps, or other colored items to decorate them.
  • Earth element may choose to use a doormat with a brown color. Or items in the earth tone color category to decorate in the house, it can help enhance the earth element
  • Metallic elements can be items made of metals, such as tables with stainless legs. Or a shiny gold vase

If a house has all 5 elements or items, then it is considered that the house has good feng shui. Therefore there is no need to add any other feng shui