Feng shui desk, adjust the desk to add wealth

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This month comes a little feng shui, because if we adjust the things to the right place at the right place at the right time, our destiny will be good. This month introduces the arrangement of various rooms, maybe a living room or a study room. That, when adjusted, may make the desk work Or a more livable home.

1. Frame a beautiful picture. This will add life to work to make it more interesting and attractive to work. Making work done as well And has a very good performance

Find photos of loved ones

 to place as feng shui to enhance the prosperity of the work, can be a lover or a parent or a child or a favorite pet. These images will bring a feeling of love. And morale 

If it is an old photo or a shocking photo, replace it with a new one, such as an ex-boyfriend or a recently lost favorite pet. Keep it first. – Do not place sharp objects , such as knives, scissors, or even cacti on your desk. Like a stab, we will only encounter problems and obstacles all around

2. Decorate the table. And set the table clean Make work better And adults are affectionate Have a higher chance of progress

3. The tree increases the wood element. Stimulate the growth of the job.

4. The fish tank has the energy of the water element Make money turnover very well And add good energy Give money, have money, money

Do not have too many things on the table, things that are unnecessary. Also known as placenta, feng shui brings obstacles and problems in work. 

Anyway If we organize good feng shui Can point the way to wealth And if done right and done regularly, success will be more successful in your career, finances, or even all areas of your life.