Guess the habits from the blood type

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Blood type, has anyone ever encountered such a situation? Suddenly someone came to talk to him intimately. But I can’t imagine who it is Despite having met before But what to do? But if you don’t ask, you don’t know who it is. What will everyone do? Let’s go and see how each group is handle. Will it match ours or not?

Blood type, group a tries to stress from memory

Group A thinks asking each other directly is rude. And more than that If the other person knows that we do not recognize him He will definitely regret it. Group A will throttle their memories and try to remember them. Even though they were talking, but in my head they were also trying to figure it out, and sometimes it seemed like I didn’t listen to what the other person was saying. Industry intends to think about it. So as not to lose etiquette But to keep thinking until talking and not knowing about it is another bad manner as well. But if it comes to mind Will talk with each other happily ever after

Blood type, group B asked directly

Group B, who hates ambiguous situations. If you can’t remember who they are, they’ll ask straight away.Of course, it seems rude, but if you remember, your attitude will change immediately from the beginning. He might tell the other person that at first he looked wrong, so he couldn’t remember. Making it possible to pass events like this smoothly Asking why people of Group B can cope well in this kind of situation. It’s because it happens a lot with Group B people.

Blood type, group O can’t imagine, but can talk comfortably

People with the ability to communicate are superior to friends like Group O, even if they do not remember the other person has no problem. Because it will use the skill and the conversation in various matters, the rhythm of nodding in response Or how to change the subject matter All of these, Group O can be handled naturally and the other party doesn’t know that we don’t recognize him. With these skills, Group O can continue to continue the conversation, thinking in his mind that I will continue to talk and remember.

Blood type, group AB tried to retrieve the data without being caught

People who do not want to be hated by their peers, Group AB, will continue the conversation and try to get as much information from each other as possible. And use the analytical skill that you carry Let’s analyze who the other party is. Called trying to figure it out But the ability to chat is still not against Group O, sometimes making strange conversations happen if you pull enough information from the other party until you can imagine it. It might have been stigmatized by the other person as well, that this person was really strange.