The best techniques for organizing “feng shui”

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What is “Feng Shui”?

“Feng Shui” is a science that has exist since ancient times of the Chinese people. Where the word “Feng Shui” is a word that has its roots in Chinese by “Feng” in the Chinese language. It is a Chaozhou accent meaning wind. The Chinese word “shui” means water. When taken together, the word “Feng Shui” translates directly to the wind and water , meaning that there is. Movement Changeable. There is an energy to influence the things of the world and emphasize. The bond between human beings and nature that must support or destroy one another.

The best techniques for organizing feng shui to receive property Marketing 4.0

  • Use auspicious colors according to Feng Shui principles for wealth and prosperity. Try using colors that reflect wood, water, and earth, such as green, brown, blue, black, orange, earth, or light yellow. Decorating in a financial space, such as painting a wall, fabric paint, or a few small decorative items, can help promote the power of wealth for us. Or choose a color that is auspicious and good for good fortune, such as purple, color for abundance, red, auspicious color for energy. And rich wealth Gold is a color that brings money very well. Bring this auspicious color to paint houses or appliances, furniture and home decorations.
  • Clear the area at the receiving point to clear the property. Do not let the position of money in the house become cluttered. Which must open the way to have as much energy circulating at this point as possible Can find the property by standing at the door of the house Or the doors of different rooms facing the inside The receiving point is at the end of the house on the left hand side.
  • Arrange the door to receive property The door should be open to the house to invite good things and wealth. Not a push-out door
  • Attach a picture of a pair of fishes inside the house where you can see them when entering or leaving the house. Because it will help promote fortune and wealth to increase faster
  • Should keep cleaning, mopping, dusting the altar table. Shelves placed all sacred things in the house. Pour clean water to a full glass of water. Change the worship flowers to always look fresh.
  • Hang a small bell or bell and hang a red thread on the door knob outside the house. Hang a round ancient Chinese coin with a square hole in the center. Ready to tie a red thread By using 3 ancient Chinese coins hung on the door knob inside the house side
  • Use fresh, green auspicious trees, such as Guanyin bamboo, Vasana, Suphachok, or grow a tree that absorbs toxins in your home, such as zhang palm, bamboo and rubber tree.
  • Decorate your home with replica sails, junks, and other boats. Because the ship is a symbol of wealth and travel. Decorating a house with a model of a boat will always give you the opportunity to travel abroad and have a wealth of money. Set the model boat in the living room, always turn the bow into the house, and on the boat should be decorated with Chinese money, Thai silver, precious stones like a boat. Bring us glass, rings, silver and gold.
  • Decorate the house with an aquarium. Since water is the symbol of money according to Feng Shui principles, the aquarium is an auspicious item. And is an item that adorns houses beautifully And create a refreshing atmosphere as well Should choose fish that are colorful, the number should be 1, 6, 8 or 9 is the most prosperous.
  • Build a pond in front of the house According to Feng Shui principles, it is considered very auspicious to the home because the water stream promotes the richness of the house. And also help make the house happy and peaceful
  • Planting a pine in the house Because the house planted pine trees flanked on the left and right in front of the house It will help to enhance the house to be auspicious, because the pine, according to the principles of Feng Shui, will be able to bring good energy into the house.

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