Trick when you feel that bad horoscope

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Horoscope, have you ever been so that no matter what you do, it looks stuck. Interrupted Chair leg saw Save him and then we are damned. I’m sick There are unexpected problems and no omen and many if anyone is facing these situations. We say that you are the fall! But don’t worry too much Because today, We have a simple solution when feeling that the bad horoscope has fallen. So whoever feels that the bad horoscope. Don’t scroll through this article. And try to do it I certify that it is good and ufabet lucky.

1. Honor 5

          It’s easy. Try to keep the 5 precepts and follow them regularly. Do only good things Abstain from evil Including all the abuses Do not persecute others I’m not always conscious. In addition to creating merit, creating charity, and making life meet only good things, it is also a training for self-discipline.

2. Yom Kippur 8

          If you can keep the 5 precepts, then try leveling up. Let’s keep the 8 precepts together. It might be more difficult, but if you can do it on a regular basis. Guarantee that these merit benefits will result in you to meet only good things for sure.

3. Vegetarian / Vegan

          Finding vegetarian opportunities in order to give up from killing off life-threatening animals. You can choose to eat as per your convenience. Maybe 3 days a week or 7 days all at all, or if anyone is really inconvenient, you can choose to eat vegetarian instead. As long as you have a real intention to create merit and create charity. In addition to receiving merit, it also helps detoxify and rebalance the body as well. Called a beautiful figure Wealthy merit together. But do not forget that you have to choose to eat only foods that are good and useful. And not uncomfortable or in trouble

4. Let the animal’s life be eaten

          Whether you can release birds, fish, turtles, shellfish, or redeem all of the cattle. Especially animals that are about to be killed, such as fish on a cutting board, if there is a chance, recommend that you keep doing Ensure that things that are stuck will definitely be smoother. In addition, animal philanthropy, such as helping to make merit, donate food. Medicines for the treatment of animals Or even feeding stray animals is considered to be a merit-making solution.

5. Make merit in different forms

          Take time to make merit and then dedicate it to the necromancer often, whether offering monks, offering food, feasting on monks, donating necessary items, including food, drinking water, medicine, making merit for monks in the temple. Adding oil, lamps, gilding monks or even making merit by using labor Can help strengthen the fortune, fix the trick and pay off heavy matters to be light horoscope.

6. To give alms to the poor or the needy

          Endeavors to help those in need, the poor, the poor, and those who are in need in various fields. Charitable Foundation, Hospitals, Disaster Locations A place in the wilderness Or even drop in donations in various cabinets, it is counted as giving you

7. Make time to practice Dharma

          Another easy way to solve this trick is to go to a temple, practice meditation, or meditate. Try to let go of the things that you have faced and practice your mind and meditation.

8. Worship the sacred and revered

          The final method depends on the beliefs and beliefs of each person. Try to pay homage to the Buddha image or worship the sacred things that you respect. Whether it is a large Buddha image, Buddha image, Ganesha, Naga, Garuda, or all others, so try to make a wish with you.

          However, try to choose a solution to the tips that we have presented to try and apply it according to the convenience and suitability of each person. Emphasize that do not forget to keep making merit, ask for forgiveness and dedicate merit to the nayeon. Including the gods who protect themselves as well Ask you to protect, protect May you help get rid of bad things, have encouragement in doing good things. And useful Ensure that the bad things that you are facing will gradually improve, smoother and more prosperous for sure.