8 congenital diseases that are more severe when infected with COVID-19

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During outbreaks of the virus Cody Covid-19 many patients who are infect do not show any symptoms at all, while the back has some very serious condition, requiring mechanical ventilation. Therefore, today we have compile 8 congenital diseases that have a chance to make the symptoms more severe when infect with Covid-19 to let you know. so that everyone can observe and be more careful Let’s see what the above diseases are.

1. high blood pressure

The reason high blood pressure patients experience severe symptoms when infect with COVID- 19 is because the virus can cause up to 9% of the circulatory failure.

2. coronary artery disease

This is because the work of the heart and circulatory system in patients with coronary artery disease or arrhythmia is less effective than the general population. Therefore, if infected with the COVID-19 virus , the symptoms will be more severe. and the risk of causing endothelial inflammation throughout the body resulting in impaired blood flow Including cells and tissues resulting in hypoxia. The heart works harder and it becomes more prone to complications.

3. Diabetes

Patients with diabetes will not be able to control their sugar. Therefore, they are more at risk of infection than normal people. because of the covid-19 virus It grows well when blood sugar is high and the body’s immune system is lower than usual.

4. Chronic kidney disease

Patients with chronic kidney disease have lower immunity than the general population. Therefore, the risk of infection is easy and severe. Therefore, when patients with chronic kidney disease are infect with COVID-19 It is imperative to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions.

5. Asthma

Due to COVID-19 virus directly affects the lungs Patients with lung disease including asthma chronic pneumonia or already have cystic fibrosis. May cause the disease to be exacerbate or have pneumonia more easily than general patients

6. Cirrhosis

Patients with cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis. including liver transplant patients using immunosuppressants and liver cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. If infected with the coronavirus. It will make the symptoms of the original disease more severe. due to the drugs used to treat COVID-19 affect liver function And there is a chance that the disease is difficult to control and has more severe symptoms.

7. Obesity

People who are obese If infected with COVID-19 Will have symptoms. Or side effects that occur on the body as patients with diabetes. Especially severely obese patients with a BMI of 30-40. Or higher are at risk of restricted lung expansion. And will increase the risk to the body. In addition, acute respiratory distress syndrome may occur when infected with this type of infection.

8. Immunodeficiency disease

For immunodeficiency diseases such as cancer or AIDS Or even among those who smoke regularly are classified as weak immune systems. The body of a person with this disease will not be able to fight off germs. Therefore, there is a risk that the symptoms of the disease will be more severe and may cause infection for a longer period of time than normal patients.

I believe that many people have already seen that many coronavirus patients have severe symptoms and some have even died. Most of them are people who already have underlying disease. Therefore the prevent yourself from being infect with COVID-19 consider the best. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone to focus on how to care for and protect themselves from this type of virus infection. Don’t neglect even the smallest things. Because that may be a vulnerability that allows the virus to have a chance to enter the body.