A collection of fun challenges in TikTok 2021. Dance type, photography type must not miss!

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Speaking of the TikTok app, besides the hit songs, there are also  fun challenges in TikTok that TikTok users won’t be able to miss! In this year 2021, there are many challenges that are very fun to participate in. I can tell you that no matter if it’s a dance type or a photography type. You must come and try it. There are only challenges ufabet that are fun!


     For this challenge, it’s a Dance Challenge #READYTOMOVEChallenge  activity. That invites the dance line to show the flow of love. And receive a special prize. Anyone who likes to step out often in TikTok. I can tell you that you shouldn’t miss it!


     For this challenge, it’s very popular. This Challenge is to invite everyone to step out to the sound of cooking. The steps that each person has made are both very cute and sexy. If you haven’t played this challenge yet, you need to try it!


     Dance line, scratch line, must not miss this challenge as well, because Some song is a very popular song in TikTok, plus the dance steps of this song are super cute. Would you dance alone or invite your girlfriend to dance?


     For the Prompter Challenge, there was a period that was very popular on TikTok, which was a challenge that started from a female announcer that she tried to read the news through a script. Which reading is said to be fast-eyed and speak super fast Who wants to practice English reading skills, go try it!

#Eyes can’t fool each other

     It is a challenge that makes young people Let’s melt. For eyes that can’t be fooled, Challenge Who picked up the song of the girl Ink Waranthon to take a cute step together is another challenge that many people come to follow each other’s steps!