Discolored skin, signs of “vitiligo”

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“Vitiligo” is a disease cause by the destruction of human skin color cells. Causing milky white spots to form on the skin Which can be found anywhere on the body And is a disease that can occur to people of all sexes and ages, the incidence 0.5-1% of the population divided into 2 groups:

General vitiligo 

There will be white spots on both sides of the body. It is symmetrical and can be found in many places on the body such as back, hands, arms, legs, elbows, etc.

Topical vitiligo 

It is a vitiligo that occurs in any part of the body. Often in small dots or groups Often found on the face

Causes and risk factors

The cause of vitiligo is unclear what caused it. But it was found that it often occurs with people with autoimmune diseases such as thyroid poisoning. Hashimoto Thyroid Or sometimes found in people with diabetes and also Specific gene changes. Which are associate with common types of vitiligo For stimulating factors, including Sunburn, stress, or exposure to harmful industrial chemicals, etc.


The main symptoms of vitiligo are There are white patches on the skin. This may be found in any part of the body if it is a local white alkaline, such as if it occurs on the face. It’s going to be the left or right hemisphere. And is along the line of the nerve The advantages of this lesion are White spots will not spread to other areas of the body. But if the white blemishes on both sides are symmetrical. May be found elsewhere Of the body as well.

The white mark may be found from small to large. And often found areas where the skin is expose to the sun or there is rubbing, such as the face, hands, arms, feet, etc.

Dangers and complications

Vitiligo is a disease that is not very severe and life threatening. But may make the patient lose confidence If white spots appear in the visible area, such as the face, it has psychological and social life effects. Therefore should hurry and come to be examined Early treatment found.


The treatment of vitiligo gives a good curative effect. If the patient receives early treatment when symptoms Especially in the first 6 months, but if it comes after that Treatment results will not be as good as they should be. The main treatment will be external medication. Like corticosteroids But if it is the face area around the eyes, another group of drugs will be used. Which acts like corticosteroids in conjunction with to reduce side effects Which will give you the paste for about 8 weeks if it still does not work It will increase the UV light irradiation. Only in conjunction with

In patients with vitiligo on both sides of the body. Will use corticosteroid drugs as well But if it is a wide area, it will be used to emit UV light. It can be local or whole body screening. However, if vitiligo only occurs on specific areas of the body. And when the disease has calmed for about 1 year, the doctor may replace the white skin cells of the patient.

In addition, vitiligo treatment is effective against minor lesions. And areas of the skin that are cover with pores Especially the face. Will get the best results But if they are hands and feet. Which do not have pores Treatment will not work very well.

Self care

Try to avoid being in the sun for a long time. Because the skin is sensitive to sunlight than conventional vitiligo


Vitiligo is a disease that has no clear cause. The best way is If you suspect that you have vitiligo Should immediately see a specialist in the skin. To confirm the diagnosis and receive correct treatment