How many calories in “alcoholic beverages”?

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Weight tends to increase. Because you have to go to many parties. This weight gain is seen by many as the result of ‘snacks’ ordered to mix up a drink. But do you know “Alcoholic beverages” all come with unusual calories as well. Let’s take a look at how many calories in alcoholic beverages are there. Just for writing And go to burn after the event is over


Alcoholic beverages such as beer of different types Different brands provide different calorie intake. Roughly, a glass of beer provides an average of 155 calories, so the more you drink, the more you drink. The more weight is increased. By the beer that we are familiar with…

– 150 calories of Chang beer
– 160 calories of Singha
– 165 calories of Leo beer
– 134 calories of Tiger
beer – 148 calories of Heineken
beer – 149 calories of Hoegaarden beer


Who is the drinker? This event has a head of beer. Because the liqueur is very low energy, with a glass of 25 ml of liqueur will provide an average of 55 calories, which, if popular drink pure alcohol. It is considered not to have much effect on weight But if when you add a mixer The energy gained in the glass will increase. The more a cocktail, the higher the energy you get. But if just add soda Like vodka and soda, it only provides 60 calories. It is an interesting alcoholic drink.


It can be called a higher energy alcohol than other beverages. Some cocktails deliver almost 800 calories. Or some glasses provide almost 1,000 energy, because cocktails often contain a lot of ingredients like syrups, juices, and various kinds of liqueurs. But each type of cocktail provides different energy. According to the creation of the Batender But there are also smaller calorie cocktails, such as …

– Margarita 155 calories
– Mojitos 213 calories
– Gimlet 217 calories
– Gin & Tonic 175 calories.


Who would have thought that fermented fruit like wine would provide energy as well? It only provides less energy than other alcoholic beverages. White wine has an average of 100 calories per glass (about 125 ml), while red wine has an average of 120 calories per glass. Which is compared with Beer and Cocktails It could be said that it was significantly less. So who is afraid of gaining weight Try to drink white wine, it should help. However, there are also some energy-dense wines, such as the Portuguese sweet Port Wine, which has 185 calories.


Champagne line is also comfortable. This alcoholic drink is because the energy you get per glass is not very high, with a glass of champagne an average of 95 calories, but if you drink more than one, it can give you a lot of energy.

Concluded that alcohol with high energy. These are beer and cocktails, while spirits, wines and champagne are low in energy. … But will we be fat after the festival ends or not? It depends on the discipline of our exercise too. The more you eat, the more you eat, the more weight you will gain!