Japanese style house “U-Shape House” design

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House design a home -style Japanese design work by a team of architects- Happy Studio is a home that took the idea of leaving home style combined with the airy house Thailand until it is beautiful. Suitable for the weather in Thailand

This house is a one-story house. The house has a U-Shape House. The base of the house is raised high. Thus helping to prevent flooding problems The house has a very simple design. Decorated in cream tones To match the light brown color from woodwork There is a twin-gable roof that goes well with the house.

In the middle of the house that is the area between the U It was designed to be a perfect sized Japanese garden. Thus enhancing the charm of the house as well It is also a recreation area.

The back area of ​​the house is designed to have another entrance and exit. Which also has a small open courtyard for use in another In addition, the walls of this house are especially airy to absorb the cool air from outside.

By the open courtyard behind that crazy Has a good size area The top has wooden slats attached to it. It can be decorated, not hanging small, to add freshness for relaxation as well.

The main living hall of the house It is a room that has a wide area. The sides are open with sliding walls. It is a special relaxation area. For people who like a comfortable atmosphere

The same is true for a bedroom that has a spacious interior. And also airy with side windows The interior is also beautifully decorated with wooden furniture as well.

This one-story Japanese-style house has a total living area of ​​140 square meters. You can inquire through the contact channels below.