Midas, the four-eared Turkish cat

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Midas, a four-month-old female Turkish cat. Born with two pairs of ears and an abnormal jawline. as a result of genetic mutations But it’s Midas’ uniqueness that has made the cat so beloved by the internet. And has more than 73,000 social media followers, according to Reuters.

It was born to five siblings in a backyard in Ankara before Canis Dosemechi and her family adopted the four-eared cat. by this family said. They fell in love with Midas at first sight. She said it might be difficult to find a home due to its unique appearance, while Dosemechi said her family hadn’t thought of buying a cat before. I only thought I wanted to save the cat from the streets.

The name Midas is derive from the legendary king of Frigia. The legend said King It had the ears of a donkey but could turn everything into gold by ufabet touch.

It’ veterinarian, Resat Nuri Aslan , say although Midas’ condition may be abnormal. But it doesn’t affect its health or hearing. The four auricles of It is connect to the ear canal.

The daily routine of It and Suzi and Zeyno, the two Golden Retrievers of the family. Popularized on social media, Dozemeshi hopes Midas’ reputation will help convince people to adopt a pet instead of buying it from a pet store.