Reduce chin wattle I have fat under the chin

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Wattle under the chin

Many young people may not be obese. But instead has a lot of wattle or fat accumulating under the chin Causing obstacles to take pictures Taking pictures is not beautiful. Have to waste time to adjust the camera angle for a long time. Because the face looks deceitful, not the same as the real one How do you take photos? Every face photo looks round. Or for girls with a lot of weight. Until the wattle under the chin appear to be clearly visible. And are looking for a way to reduce the chin wattle. Today we have a solution to your problem.

Causes of the occurrence of wattle under the chin

The chin wattle is the fat accumulate under the chin that looks like a trapezoid. Also known as ” fat under the chin ” or ” double chin “, which most often occurs with people aged 30 years or more, most of them come from the girls you neglect to release yourself. Not dieting No time to exercise Causing weight gain Causing fat to accumulate under the chin Making a layer of wattle under the chin, which is the best way to reduce the chin wattle Exercising with a proper diet

How to reduce the wattle under the chin

  1. ExerciseExercise is very important in the best way to get rid of the wattle or excess fat under the chin. Because when you exercise regularly. Fat that accumulates on the chin or wattle is gradually being burn little by little. And it can also help increase firmness and firmness to the sagging under chin from fat loss as well. But for this method it may only work for some people. Because some people can even lose weight. But the wattle under the chin will not fade away. Which may be cause by heredity But don’t be sad. Because of the science of exercise If you want to lose any extra fat You have to exercise that part mainly. For example, you want to have beautiful thighs. You just have to focus on cycling. But if you want to reduce the wattle or fat under the chin, you need to exercise or exercise the muscles in your neck. We also have simple neck exercises that you can choose to do at home. And more importantly, it only takes a few minutes !! Which, if done regularly, will help reduce the fat that accumulates under your chin as well You can see it in the next section.
  2. Chewing gum It is another way to reduce the wattle under the chin. Which in addition to helping to deodorize bad breath, but also to help exercise the jaw itself, but for most women, it is probably not popular to use this method for sure For fear that it will make the jaw so big that it turns out to be beautiful.
  3. Egg whites help Start by hammering the eggs and separating the whites, whipping softly and applying them under the sagging chin and cheeks Starting from under one ear to the other Using your thumb to touch the bottom of the ear and gently lift it upward along the cheek and chin, pressing and lifting gently for about 15 minutes. If you are scare, you can keep your elbows and feet on until the egg whites are completely dry. Then rinse with clean water. To do it 2 times a week
  4. Shading cosmetics This technique comes from a beautiful girl from Jeban web (@ Jeban ‘). The first step requires you to bend your head down to check the wattle first as in the picture. Then look up and shading as in the picture This will help you take the perfect shot.
  5. Products Hydro V Plus in 1 box contains 8 pieces (price 1,450 baht per box), 1 pack can be used for 1 day, how to use it is not difficult. Just unpack the serum sachet and apply it and massage it all over the area under the chin and face frame. By giving the massage and rolling until the serum is absorb into the skin until it is dry. After that, use the Hydro gel sheet that comes in the same pack to cover the area under the chin like wearing a mask. By having to do it consecutively every day until the complete 8 envelopes from the reviews on Pantip’s website with Jibun Many people use it and get results 🙂 (Picture from: by mintmintmaru)
  6. Botox (Botox) injections, Botox can reduce dewlap under the chin as well. This will be an injection that uses the same principle as the front botox injection. (Different techniques with jaw reduction injections) are suitable for those who have not too much wattle or fat under the chin. If there is a lot of fat, it won’t help. (This method may not see much results Therefore do not recommend.)
  7. Fat reduction injection under the chin  or lower wattle injection or Meso fat reduction (Meso fat – Meso fat) is to eliminate fat and reduce excess cellulite locally without surgery. It is an injection which has properties to dissolve fat into the desired area. By using several groups of drugs mixed together and then injected, such as Phosphatidylcholine, L-carnitine, Deoxycholate, Dexpanthenol (B5), Amino acids, Minerals, etc. The drug will cause the fat wall to break down. The coagulate fat is broken down into liquid fat. And then excrete in urine and feces. But you have to do it 2 times a week, do it 2-3 times, you should see results. As for the cost of making each time, the thousands or more.
  8. Thread reduction wattle  (chin thread) is a way to reduce the wattle under your chin. It is a skin lifting technique that uses a needle that has silk threads threaded under the skin to help tighten the face, keep chin, lift up the cheeks. And keep the jaws sharp. This soluble silk is call PDO Polydioxanone. Which is a very fine silk thread Cause little irritation Patients can return to normal life after the procedure. The silkworm, when expose to water from under the skin, will be dissolve over time, will it help to pull the skin up along the axis? Over time, the body will create collagen to surround the silk core. Even after the silk has dissolve. There is still a collagen axis left to help tighten the skin underneath the skin. (Some clinics will do fat-dissolving first and then threading. Which depends on the technique of each doctor.