Shenzhen unveils plans to build a new landmark

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Shenzhen, the paradise of counterfeit shoppers. If talking about world-famous shopping centers Can’t escape Hong Kong because it is a source of modern fashion products and famous brand name products from around the world There are both the most expensive brands that are far beyond dreams. and brands that are at affordable prices But the famous shopping center for brand-name copy products. Avid shopaholics will have to give a thumbs up to Lowu City, a shopping mall in Shenzhen. But before reaching Luo Wu Let’s get to know Shenzhen city first.

Shenzhen, China plans to build a new architecture that challenges the ability of human design. With a tall building to be built in the middle of the river. Shape like it came straight out of a movie in the future.

This design was created by famous Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. Who had the idea to build this lap so that this tall building would have the same attention as the Eiffel Tower. And also want to be a building that represents the era of diversity in society.

The 268-metre tall building is locate in Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen, China and consists of 99 towers, a facade that reduces winds (it looks like a waterfall at first, but isn’t). Apart but at the same time unite as one It’s the same concept of diversity in the world. There will be a pillar in the middle that is the main structure to receive loads. From above, it looks like this building is floating above the water!

This building contains a viewpoint. exhibition venues, restaurants, and churches. It would be another destination that people around the world would like to visit for sure.