What is the Circadian Rhythms or life clock?

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What is the Circadian Rhythms or life clock? Around the Earth’s orbit around the Sun Phenomena that cause environmental changes in light, temperature and foraging. Different during the day and night Life on this planet, including humans, uses the rhythm of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. To benefit each day Causing behavior adjustments to suit the needs of each day and night. Processes occurring in the body Be it physical or mental Occur differently at different times, for example

  • Toothache is lessened in the morning.
  • The letter examination work will be performed as efficiently as possible in the evening.
  • The pain of exertion begins in the evening.
  • Natural birth usually occurs early in the morning.
  • The accuracy of a short or long serve in badminton during the day is more accurate than in the morning or evening.
  • The accuracy of the first serve in morning tennis is more accurate in the middle of the day or in the evening. But the speed of the serving in the evening is greater than in the morning.
  • Swimmer speed The evening is faster than in the morning or during the day.
  • Soccer skills such as volley balls or dribbling speed. Higher in the evening
  • Skillful sports such as badminton, tennis, or football. Athletes do their best in the morning. For sports that require physical strength, they do well in the evening.

Morning is a dangerous time for people with heart disease

Myocardial infarction occurs more often in the morning. It occurs 2-3 times more often in the evening in the early morning. Your upper blood pressure and heart rate will increase. Makes the heart need more energy and oxygen But in the morning, it is a time when the contraction of the blood vessels to the heart increases. This makes the blood and oxygen insufficient and contrary to the increased demand. It is the beginning of myocardial infarction.

Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of heart disease

Social Jet Lag is the difference between waking up on an alarm on a work day and waking up naturally on a holiday. 

People affected by Social Jet Lag are more likely to be overweight, with every 1 hour affected It increases the probability of 30% of being overweight. 

Clock of life and age Affect learning

The learning efficiency of children increases throughout the day. While adults will do worse So for working people Therefore hurry to complete important tasks in the morning Because in the afternoon the performance will deteriorate.

Life Clock Affects Athletes The athlete’s performance will improve throughout the day.

Athletes play their best in the evening. But for athletes who are early risers The best time to play is during the day. Athletes who don’t wake up very early or stay up very late play best in the afternoon. Night athletes play their best in the evening. And everyone plays the worst at 7 o’clock in the morning. If to run in the morning No matter how hard I try, runs 26% slower than running in the evening.

Treatment of disease by taking into account the life clock. Help them to be more efficient And reduce the side effects of treatment

One of the difficulties with cancer treatment is its side effects. Treatment by destroying rapidly dividing tumor cells, Hair Follicle cells that make hair or Endothelial Lining cells in the stomach. Also divide quickly The side effects are hair loss and nausea.

Treatment taking into account the time when the hair cells and stomach cells divide. Provide patients with timely treatment Makes the destruction of tumor cells most effective. And can reduce the side effects on other cells to be less

Life clock affects food, nutrition, digestion, metabolism

Skeletal muscles of people use glucose better in the morning than in the evening.

The process of changing fat in the liver Digestive process Both work according to the timing A person’s stomach digests food better in the morning than at night. Peristalsis and bowel movements occur less frequently during the night.

Insomnia, less sleep, problems of night shift workers

Circadian Rhythms, people who work at night try to sleep during the day. And the sleep period is shorter and sleepless. Night is the time when the body is preparing to rest. Decreased enthusiasm and productivity Therefore, night shift workers. Therefore is a person who reluctantly works when he is sleepy And forcibly sleep when the body is awake

People who have sleep problems due to the effects of night work. Causing a negative effect on health Even if it happened for a few days It can also negatively affect the mood and the learning system. The people who have been affected for a long time It will increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Working the night shift affects heart disease, obesity, stress. People who work late. Or have to work at night For up to 10 years, the ability to learn and remember has decreased. Compared with the group of people who work during the day

Insomnia in the elderly

Older age Deteriorating eyes Making it less likely to receive light Body temperature, metabolism, and decreased secretion of hormones affect the circadian rhythms, resulting in sleep problems. In addition, activity decreased. Staying in the house Also wasted the opportunity to receive light

Sleep is vital and essential for memory processing. Sleep problems adversely affect the body. The internal body clock signal modifies the nervous processes. Including the DNA repair process, the process of removing waste products from the body cells If the clock’s timing is inaccurate It will adversely affect the nervous system. Causing a destructive cycle

Preventing sleep problems Not to be affected by insufficient sleep Therefore it is very important for people who have to go into old age.

Working late, eating late meals, risk of diabetes

Circadian Rhythms In the morning, the body manages to store and use glucose better than in the evening. The same food we eat in the morning. Will be digested faster than we eat in the evening And blood glucose levels after eating in the evening were 17% higher than in the morning. By interfering with bedtime after 3 days, the ability to manage glucose in the evening worsens. And there are signs of insulin resistance Please explain why night shift workers are at risk of diabetes.