Chelsea fans have signed up not to refer Taylor

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Hundreds of thousands of Chelsea fans have signed up not to refer Taylor again to referees. A boiling point soon after the game’s red card for Reece James, defender Chelsea in a game where the goal is always the “Reds” Liverpool 1-1 in a match Football Premier League, England on Saturday night, August 28th last.

In this game, there is a problematic rhythm that is considere the turning point of the game. That is in the first half of the injury time, the “Reds” side came to get a corner kick before the melee rhythm occur. When Joel Matip would Headed to hit the crossbar, rebound into Sadio Mane’s way, had dunked the ball into the goal. But hit Reece James’s arm heavily,

Which at that time the game had to be interrupt quite a bit after Anthony Taylor. The referee asked to watch VAR before returning to raise a red card to chase the Chelsea defender. Leaving the field and leaving them with only 10 players left and pointing a penalty for the defenders. The dissatisfaction with the visiting team is very much.

However, even after the game was over. But the Blues fans were very dissatisfy with the decision. Even the hunt for a list through website change. Org to allow the FA to investigate and punish Anthony Taylor. The referee in the game, is not eligible to appear in the game that Chelsea will play again. With almost 100,000 people who have signed up for every campaign,

For such a red card, there is a lot of debate online about whether it is worth it or not. However. From the rules that the management of the Premier League have state. That If an opportunity to score a goal by hand is reject Must be a red card immediately kick out of the field.