David Alaba cuts the option to only 2 teams

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David Alaba embarked on his first football career in 2001-2002 with Asbeas Perne Youth Club in just one year. And moved to play with the club Austria Vienna year 2002-2008 for 6 years,   which later moved to play with a youth club in Germany. Bayern Munich 2008-2009 only a year and has stepped up to play in the professional club. Bayern Munich 2 Years 2009-2010 Played 33 times, 2010 played 115 times against Bayern Munich and 2011 has played with 1899. Frenheim as a loaner Currently joining the team with Bayern Munich

Sky Sports Germany said David Alaba now aims to move to just two teams – Barcelona or Real Madrid. But he will decide his future over the course of the month. April or May this

The German Bundesliga giants David Alaba has cut short options for teams. They wanting to move to this summer with only Barcelona. Lona and Real Madrid only, as reported by Sky Sports Germany, the beer city’s famous sports media.

After leaving his future in contention for a long time, Alaba has announced that it will say goodbye to the team as soon as their current contract expires this summer. It has made several teams that fall in the news with him, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, etc.  Until recently, Sky Sports Germany stated that Alabama now cuts only two of the most popular Spanish teams. He has even brushed off an offer from Paris, while it is believed the 28-year-old will make a decisive decision on which team he will go to in April or May.