Get to know ‘4 Types of “Skateboard”

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Skateboard, in the eyes of friends, may be just a fashion toy that is often popular among men, not horses, but in fact, it is a sport that requires a lot of training. It can be said that one has to sacrifice both body and mind for this. For anyone who is interested in starting to skateboard. Whether playing a sport or taking it as a hobby Let’s learn together better!

Skateboards occurred in the Califonia since 1950.  Since that time, Reed. and I must say Skateboarding is, in fact, a modified sport from surfers trying to figure out how to surf on the streets. When the sea has no waves Make it look like a tiny server, so it’s a horse.

with the coolness of skateboarding make it become Another identity of street fashion up to the present. Popular with both children and adults. But it’s not that easy to play. As I said, to skate for a master, your friends have to be very serious about it. Sacrificing time and body for training Can’t play cool alone You must have love.

For new friends who want to get to know skateboarding and how each type of skateboard looks and plays differently. Today we have brought information about 4 types of skateboards to introduce to friends in case you want to try and grab one for yourself!


 Let’s start with Original Skateboard that everyone must know because it is the origin of skateboarding that is used to play instead of surfing. It also has a classic from the shape to the wheels ever. Most boards are made of maple because they are durable and flexible. There are widths from 7.5″-8.5″ and the length is about 32″.  Secretly whispering newbies should choose a board that is a little bigger so that they can be comfortable when standing.

kateboarding is similar to surfing plus driving. Therefore, the heart of playing is that friends have to adjust their weight well when they are balanced or when turning. What you can’t miss is a routine that everyone can play, both beginners and pros  alike, Ollie.  But it’s not as easy as you think.


Longboarding is another type of skateboarding sport that is considered extreme and difficult to play. Because with a size that is as wide as 8″ – 8.5″ and has a length from 34″ – 40″, it  makes moving more difficult to another level. The wheels are clearly protruding outside the board unlike a normal skateboard. Anyone who has a normal size skateboarding expert but still want to add more difficulty I recommend you to arrange a long board to play!

For the most part, longboarders prefer to perform a continuous spin while sliding downhill. Have a challenge For newbies, try a simple pose like  Carve  first, focusing on plowing long distances. Don’t put too much style. I’m going to fall up and say I didn’t warn you.


It has arrived. The girl’s favorite item can be nothing but a  penny board!  Skateboarding that combines Shape of longboard + skateboard  But the size is quite smaller and there are only two sizes to choose from,  22″ and 27″.  Men can play. Girls play well. Let me tell you. Pennyboards originated in Australia. The material is made of plastic. plus large rubber wheels This makes it lighter than normal skateboards made of wood.

In addition to being easy to carry, it is also very durable. Guarantee that it’s very tough. Pennyboards are suitable for plowing, with a little basic, not very extreme. After having fun filling, girls tend to play like plowing in the wind, beautiful, cool, chilling.


Let’s finish off with something light and small. Fingerboard or finger  skateboard that is the smallest skateboard. The length is  only about 4 inches ! But with its beauty, some people can’t help but buy and collect them. The strangeness of this skateboard is that friends only have to use their fingers to play! Sounds easy, right? But if you try it, you will know that it’s very difficult.

How do we usually use our legs to control the direction of a skateboard? For the fingerboard, we have to use our fingers to control it. Don’t look down. Anyone who wants to try to practice directions, look for fun, can be carried in a bag anywhere. I have to hurry and find a little possession. Guaranteed to be cool like no other The most unusual kind