Gyrotonic, a new type of exercise For women

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Which way to move to today or to work in place I often hear other people talking about exercise. Accidentally, a young friend invites you to get up on a new and hot exercise trend during this time. So I want to give it a try with Gyrotonic.


It is a remedy for exercise. Using applied principles of gymnastics, yoga, swimming, tai chi and dance, it emphasizes the movement that follows the figure of breathing. It was discovered by Juliu Horvart, a Hungarian ballerina and yoga teacher. Adopt the movement characteristics of squid, cat and monkey that can move infinitely to humans. So he invented new equipment and movement patterns. In which the machine will move in a circle around which the principle of gyrotonic movement will focus on The intention to push and move the body rhythmically along the joints, coupled with the use of a breathing pattern that is consistent with the movement, allows the joint area to move naturally without collisions or squeezing. compress

The benefits of gyrotonic exercise

It is balance the blood flow, stimulating the heart and blood vessels to flow along the joints. Strengthening the nervous system Relieve spinal distortions And help treat office syndrome. The gyrotonic looks like yoga on a machine. That emphasizes the merge of movement on devices with cables And a pulley that can help move around with resistance can be adjusted from 10-35 pounds, plus the appearance of the curvature that can be adjusted to suit the body and physical ability. By using the weight of the body to move in 360 degrees, the highlight of this machine is high safety. Even those who are pregnant Or have a congenital disease, it can still play without a problem

Although the gyrotonic Will be practicing in the air-conditioned room Make it sweatless Not gasping May help burn not too much fat. But the truth is that our muscles stretch every part. If you play regularly, 2 times a week, about 7-8 a week, you will find that your arms will be slimmer. The abdomen will be strong and thin. Can be more or less slimmer Until you yourself can observe