History of fencing

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   In ancient times, the sword was a weapon use for everyday combat and self-defense. In the present day, the sword is use as a melee weapon. For example, it is use for attaching to the tip of a soldier’s gun. Each sword has a different shape. At the end of the sword battle So it will be preserve by being import into sports But most of the time, nationalism, swordsmanship and fencing skills are European nations.

          In the olympics Fencing is one of the four sports that have been compete in the modern Olympics from the first time to the present day. It can be consider as an important and very popular sport

Sports fencing symbols

          In the Asian Games That sport fencing Has been pack into the seventh event in 1974 or 1974, fencing may not be as popular as other sports. But it is becoming more and more popular and interesting. By this sport from unique and unique excitement. And Thailand began to be use as a sport since 1935 and establish the Amateur Fencing Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage in 1965.

The competition is divide into 3 types of swords as follows

  1. Foil, the sword itself weighs not more than 200 grams.
  2. Saber, the sword itself weighs not more than 700 grams.
  3. Epee itself weighs no more than 500 grams.

Start of competition

Both competitors must stand at a distance of 2 meters from the border. 

Competition duration

For the male category, the race lasts 6 minutes and the competition lasts 5 minutes.

Giving an endorsement

Points gained from the battle The contestants must slash their opponent on the target with the tip of their sword. In Saber saber type, a cut to the edge or on the first three parts of the back edge of the target is count as a score.


The chairman of the board will decide the scoring from the teeth. Or punish them for breaking the rules By scoring, the judges will raise their hands as a signal to notify the chairman of the board.

For violations and setting penalty points

  1. Hand-to-hand combat is permit in cases where the contestants properly hold and use their weapons.
  2. Clash for foil and saber matches The warning will be use as the first punishment. After that, if another offense will be fined 1 time for the epe sword type. Collision is possible when it is not intentional and not violent.
  3. Contestants are allow to bend low and turn around.
  4. Unarmed hands may touch the floor. But if the contestants touch each other The chairman of the board may stop. And make repositioning
  5. Teeth in the opposite direction are not considered illegal. But if after the garden has passed, the score will not be counted.
  6. Boundary crossings can be made with foil sword types, no more than 1 meter and no more than 2 meters for epe and saber swords.
  7. Teeth outside the competition area do not count points.
  8. Crossing the lateral boundary to avoid a tooth Will be punished for being stab once if warned before. Including crossing the latter area as well
  9. Any delay will be warned and will be convert to 1 hit.
  10. Incorrect, violent and improper teeth will be punish by warning.
  11. Initial disobedience will be warn. The second time will be fine 1 time and will be fired from the Compete for the third time
  12. Weapons must be held with either hand. To change hands, arms must first ask for permission from the referee.
  13. Competitors cannot throw weapons. And the hand must always hold the hilt of the sword
  14. It is forbidden to use a hand that does not hold a sword. As a defense or attack
  15. A slash that doesn’t use the armed hand is void.
  16. Intentional or intentional offenses may be score ufabet thai.