How to lose weight with a hula hoop

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Can playing hula hoop really lose weight? Anyone who is wondering, today we have a  way to lose weight with a hula hoop with a schedule to play hula hoop to lose weight . I have to say that many More people turned to exercise by playing hula hoop. Which playing hula hoop is a simple exercise That does not require a lot of effort Does not require a lot of space And no matter what age Any age can play. Thus making many Quite a few people have turned to play hula hoop But since hula hooping doesn’t require as much force, it may not burn as much as other cardio sessions. Therefore, there must be a suitable way to play. Whoever wants to know how to  lose weight with a hula hoop,  come and see!

Get to Know the Hula Hoop

The hula hoop is a type of aerobic exercise equipment. Round There are many sizes and weights. By playing the hula hoop, it will focus on the muscles on the side. Lumbar muscle Including the hip muscles By playing a hula hoop for 30 minutes, it can burn about 150-200 kcal of energy.

Benefits of Hula Hoops

     Hula hoop can help burn body fat. Especially the abdomen, waist and hips help tighten the abdominal and waist muscles. But have to play regularly for at least 30 minutes a day. In addition, playing hula hoop also helps improve blood circulation. It helps the heart rate to rise. And also enhances your balance skills

How to lose weight with a hula hoop

1. Select the size of the hula hoop. That are not too small and not too big For beginners who learn to play hula hoop You should choose a hula hoop with a diameter of 32–35 inches or about 80-100 cm and the weight should be about 1 kg.

2. For the right position in the hula hoop that will benefit most in losing weight. Should stand with feet approximately shoulder width apart. And step on the dominant foot slightly higher than the other As you rotate, rhythmically transfer your weight from one leg to the other if you stand still and only rotate your waist and hips. Will make you burn less

3. If you want to burn more and more. May increase the movement by moving the foot forward and back. Starting with standing up straight When turning the hula hoop, keep your left foot in place. Then step the right foot forward, then step back It is counted as one time, made 30 times, and then switched sides. Change the right foot to remain in place. Then step the left foot forward, then step back It is counted one time, doing 30 times.