What is wushu ? It is a Chinese martial art

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          Wushu is a Chinese martial arts sport. And is a long-lasting cultural art And played an important role in every era of the Chinese armed forces. In ancient times, the word Wushu literally translates to Wushu in the language of the Wushu natives called Kung Fu. And has given the development of Wushu as a sport Therefore, it was accurately referred to as Wushu. Wushu was also a master martial arts technique famous for many Asian subjects.

          From that, Thailand adopted Wushu subjects Entering the country since ancient times And has been taught and transmitted exclusively to the Chinese descendants Therefore not widespread Even now, Thai people know Wushu just for the health of Chinese boxing.

    The Wushu Association was first established in Thailand in 1978 by Prof.Badisabutr and the founder of the Wushu Sports Association in 1986 and later. And the Sports Authority of Thailand also supports It was then changed to the Wushu Federation of Thailand in 1991. 

The Rules

The 7 types of style strategies are

  1. Changchuan Style Strategy (Long boxing or northern boxing)
  2. Yuth Leela Nao Chuan (Muay Tai)
  3. Tai Chi Chuan (Muay Tai Chi)
  4. Yut Leela Krabi
  5. Sword style battle
  6. The strategy of the long pole.
  7. Strategy

Battle style competition Performing time is not less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. All 7 types of judging criteria.

Starting from the value of 10 points divided into 3 parts

6 points of strategy

2 points of continuous battle

Qualifications with 6 aspects, 2 points

Battle competition It’s a one-on-one fight At present, it is only available in the male category. There are both team and individual types. The time of the fight is 2 minutes, rest 1 minute, set 3 rounds for each pair. But if they win each round, they have to fight the third round to determine the weight category. There are models 52 – 56 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 80 – 85 – 90 and 90 kg or more. Up to 2 times (at different times)

Earning and losing points

  1. Any side falls 1 time, the opponent gets 3 points.
  2. Kick an opponent against the body once for 2 points.
  3. Kick the opponent’s leg once for 1 point.
  4. If one side is warned, the other gets 1 point.
  5. If both fling The later falling side will get 1 point.

Fights that are scored by body points are those on the torso, head, arms and legs. Attacks the occiput, the lower abdomen, the pharynx, the head joint, the elbow and the knee strike the head in a continuous (repetitive) strike, causing the opponent to fall on the ground. He only shows off his opponent, doesn’t ufabet fight.