Win the European quota! Barcelona defeated Real Mallorca 1-0

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Competitive Soccer Spanish La Liga match between Real Mallorca at home with Barcelona at Majorca’s good on Sunday, January 2, 2564

the opening game was just eight minutes as the visiting team. Who came to win from a free-kick in front of the penalty area, 25 yards, Gerard Pique ran to the right, hit the ball over the wall, but fell out of the box

Two minutes later, Barcelona got another chance, Oscar Minke Za flowed the ball into the penalty area. For Elias Akomash to shoot. But the ball went straight Manolo Reina rejected after

the 29th minute, the visiting team continued the game well, Frankie de Jong made the match. With Riki Push, before falling into the penalty area. He dunked on Manolo Reina, but the ball hit the post and bounced off.

In the 44th minute, Barcelona got the goal of 1-0, Oscar Minguesa put a long ball into the penalty area. Luc de Jong ran, squeezed the home line before hitting Manolo Reina’s counter. Tung the net was ready. first half with this score

Returning to play in the second half in the 58th minute, it is still the visiting ufabet team. That has a chance to finish the score. Elias Akomash opened the ball into the penalty area. Gerard Pique took up a header, but Rodrygo Battage Lie followed the block in

time. In the 84th minute, the hosts had the opportunity to equalize from the free kick. The ball being opened high into the penalty area, Rodrygo Battaglia ran into a full strike. But did not press down, the ball flew over the beam out of the back

90+2 minutes of injury time, the hosts almost equalized again, Yaome Costa fell to shoot in the penalty area, but Mark Andre ter Stegen showed a super save. Unbelievably rounded, the

end of the game, Barcelona narrowly defeated Real Mallorca 1-0, moving up to 5th in the table, with a point behind Atletico Madrid, 4th place, with just one point left.